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WEDNESDAY WRITE-UP: The Wanderer 365 #18

Along with your recovery gear, spare tyres, charged mobile phone and ‘happy hour’ beverages, how many of you wouldn’t leave home without your four-legged furry friend? This week we feature Josh The Wanderer 365 who proudly takes his two dogs exploring almost everytime he hits the four-wheel drive tracks. During a dark time in his earlier life, Josh gained massive inspiration from off-road ‘legend’ Roothy and made a pact to himself to get out and explore more of Australia. Since then his keen sense of adventure and interest and skills in photography has taken him to some of our country’s greatest locations. Enjoy Josh’s story.

Name: Joshua Stilloni from “The Wander 365”

Where do you live? Liverpool, NSW
Describe yourself in 5 words: Caring, generous, adventurous, funny, respectful.

Why did you start The Wanderer 365? 
I started The Wanderer 365 because I noticed I was getting a lot of interest in my photography work on social media. I thought I should make a dedicated Facebook and Instagram page for it all in hope to one day obtain a big enough following to try and brand the name and start an outdoor clothing and camping gear range. I have always wanted a business like that.

What are you up to right now?
I’m currently back in Sydney working to build the funds up for my next big trip! During April or May next year, I’m planning on heading to the Kimberley and down the West Coast, and I’m pretty excited for this trip. Before then though, I do want to try and sneak off to Fraser Island in November.

What is your current off-road vehicle including your set-up/living arrangements?
I have a ’04 GU Patrol TD42ti that I have built to become a tough Tourer. I wanted something that can tackle the really hard tracks but also have all the creature comforts you would want on a big trip. The patrol has a 4inch lift and 35inch BF Goodrich mud terrain tyres; it has front and rear E lockers, a steel winch bar with all the usual stuff like winch spotlights, CB antenna, Wi-Fi antenna and airbags in the rear to assist with the weight of the canopy. 

The canopy was custom built to my design and inside it has my 65L dual zone fridge on drop slide and a single draw to store food and cooking utensils. I’ve got a Travel Buddy oven that has been great; it has a 1850w pure sign wave inverter to power my Nespresso coffee maker, toasted sandwich maker and to charge all my camera gear on the road. In the back, I have a Joolca gas instant hot water system, Alucab shower awning, a bed for the dogs and two spare 35s on the back.
On the roof, I have a Kings rooftop tent that I recently purchased for a trip to the Cape, but I will replace it with the Alucab rooftop tent when funds allow.

Who inspired you into this ‘adventurous’ lifestyle?
Roothy was the man that started all this for me back when he was on 4wd Action. At that time in my life, I wasn’t happy with the direction my life was going, and I knew I needed a big change. I needed excitement and adventure, and I just wasn’t getting that from living in Sydney, so through Roothys DVDs he taught me about getting out and exploring this great land, and I haven’t looked back since.

Who is your best travel companion?
Definitely my two dogs Ivy and Nala. They are my best mates, and I do 95% of my travelling with them.

How old were you when you started your 4WD adventures?
I think I was about 23. Back then I had a d22 Navara which was a great little truck.

The most bizarre experience you’ve encountered on your travels?
Recently up in Cape York when I was camped up at Loyalty Beach, during the night everyone’s campsite was raided by a heard of horses. I watched a horse try and open someone’s swag while old mate was asleep in it. I have never heard a grown man scream like that before – hahaaaaa!

What’s your favourite dish to cook while you’re camping?
I have two, and I make them every trip. I love cooking nachos and pasta.

Describe your ideal campsite.
Somewhere quiet with no people around and it has to have water close by so the dogs can go swimming. They absolutely love the water.

Australian Tracks on your Bucket List?
Just a few weeks ago I drove the number 1 track on my Bucket List – the Old Telegraph Track, Cape York. It was amazing. I took on all the challenges including Palm Creek and Gunshot and had a great time. The only real track left on the list that I’m super interested in doing is Gibb River Road up in the Kimberley.

Name one product you wouldn’t leave home without.
The 18v Ryobi fan is a must-have for the warmer weather to keep cool in my tent or swag.

Anything else you’d like to share?
It’s important to keep the tracks and campsites cleaner than when you found it so everyone can enjoy exploring this great country!

Most memorable destination in Australia and why?
It would have to be Horse Head Rock down on the South Coast of NSW. I came across it on Instagram and fell in love with the area and knew I had to go check it out. Two days later I was there, waking up in my tent at 4:30 am in the freezing cold. It lived up to my expectations and was well worth the 5-hour drive from Sydney. I can’t wait to go back and spend a few more days as it offers so many great locations for photography.

Connect with Joshua ‘The Wanderer 365’

Instagram: @thewanderer365
Facebook: The Wanderer 365


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