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WEDNESDAY WRITE-UP: #47 The Whole Way Around

Mitch, Jodie, Taye and Airlie are a gorgeous young family with a hunger for Adventure and Healthy Foods. Back in February 2017, they packed up their life in Agnes Waters, QLD with the goal to travel Australia and enjoy quality time together. Their Instagram Bio reads, “Getting off the track with our Hilux, not our Health!” and thanks to Jodie’s career as a Functional Nutritional Consultant, she works on the road’ sharing her knowledge not only with clients all around the country AND fellow travellers taking on a big lap. Enjoy their story!

Describe yourselves in 5 words.
Mitch – Funny, Genuine, Family Man, Loyal, Chilled
Jodie – Calm, Passionate, Ocean Lover, Planner, Friendly

What are you up to right now?
Preparing for our journey to the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

How did you come up with the name ’The Whole Way Around’?
My Health Coaching Business is called The Whole way. So just added to that.

Objective for your Travels?
To give Mitch a break for his work that had him away over 70% of year. So he could spend some quality time with the kids while they were young.

Swag, Roof Top Tent, Camper Trailer or Caravan? What’s your choice & Why?
We chose to travel with a Tent. We have two. One for long-term stays and an awning and one for overnight stops. We are also keen four wheel drivers so enjoy going off road and not having to tow anything. It keeps costs down, and our motto is the more you have the more you need. We love keeping it as simple as we can.

Tell us about the RIG you travel in?
I don’t have Mitch with me this week so it’s hard to explain without him here.
We upgraded to a new Toyota Hilux before we left. We had so much work done with it:
All TJM accessories. Bull bar, winch, sidebars/steps etc. Mitch made the tray and we designed a canopy to suit the way we travel. With food being my biggest necessity. I designed a kitchen that I could access at any time and then I could fit all my wholesome food. It includes an upright fridge, kitchen bench, spice rack and an 80L Freezer so we could stock up when we can.

Can you share one of the most memorable moments you’ve had during your travels so far?
It’s hard to pick between Tassie and Cape York. But Cape York was a big ‘Bucket List’ Destination.

It’s our favourite for many reasons.

–          It felt like such an accomplishment to make it the top.

–          Made some lifelong friends

–          So much to do

–          Kids had a ball

–          Pushed our vehicle to its limits

–          Made it the entire Telly Track without getting stuck (Mitch was pretty chuffed about that)

–          Put us out of our comfort zones many time, so now we feel like we can make it through anything.

–          Bought us closer together as a family

What does the term ‘Adventure’ mean to you?
Getting out of your comfort zone and going places you’ve never been.


How are the children enjoying/handling your life on the road?
We have always camped since they were babies and they are used to big drives due to living away from family. So it wasn’t a big transition for them. They have grown and changed so much in the last year and are such confident little humans now.

Jodie, tell us about your career/work life on the road?
I’m a Functional Nutrition Consultant, and I’m very passionate about bringing awareness to the fact that what we eat plays a significant role in our health. You’d be surprised the number of people who don’t think that their diet is playing a huge role in their illness and other health issues. So it’s been lovely being able to spread the word as we travel.


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