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Ellen Amy was born in Bargo, NSW but thanks to her passion for country music and her beautiful voice, her singing career has her exploring Australia! This sweet, sincere, stunning young Aussie lass, is WOWing the lucky crowds that witness her performing in some of the best country music gigs we have. We’ve been following Ellen for a while now and happy to bring her story to our Wednesday Write-Up series. Enjoy!

Describe yourself in FIVE Words:
Travelling musician, loving the outback.

What are you up to right now?
In March I packed everything I own into my car, including my dog and moved to Katherine, NT.
I’m currently living and working at Katherine Outback Experience, for the dry season. I’m also lucky enough to be travelling throughout the NT playing gigs at cattle station parties and pubs.

What’s your most favourite way to EXPLORE Australia?
Myself driving the ute, with my little blue heeler on the back, and my partner driving his Troopy with the boat towed behind. We get to see Australia together, with our dog and love being able to set up camp, but also have a car to back the boat into the water. Living the dream!

The most MEMORABLE MOMENT you’ve had during your travels so far?
I really loved Broome! Riding camels on the beach during sunset isn’t something you can experience back home in the Bargo bush…that’s a bit of an obvious ‘must do’ in Broome.

I also loved the Louth Races in outback NSW, last August. Nothing like an outback party!

The most memorable moment has been showering in Tom Price, WA when 20 frogs came out of the drain and joined me. The same night a brown snake almost got into my bag, and there were gecko eggs under my pillow.
Scariest moments has been sleeping in the swag through the biggest storm I’ve ever seen, in Kalbarri, WA. I’ve never seen clouds swirl so ferociously, lighting was hitting trees around us, and the thunder was like bombs. I truly thought I was going to die that night!!

What Australian destinations are still on your BUCKET LIST?
I’m pretty lucky and stoked to say I’ve checked off most of my bucket list already, but definitely, need to get to Alice Springs, and I’m dying to see Uluru.

Tell us about your MUSIC LIFE and how you mix that with your TRAVELS?
My music is the main reason I get to travel, being on tour or playing gigs that require a ‘quick road trip across the state.
Late last year I was asked to join Tom Curtain from Katherine Outback Experience on tour. We travelled from Katherine NT to Albany WA. Three weeks of exploring the coast and outback of Western Australia, it was the trip of a life time!

What does the term ‘ADVENTURE’ mean to you?
Adventure means, escaping the ‘daily grind’ or whatever has stopped you from travelling and experiencing life previously. Seeing places and doing things you’d thought you’d never get to see or do!
I never thought by 24 I would’ve seen most of Australia and be so lucky to travel and explore as much as I have. I also didn’t know it’s this easy. You really can just pack the car and go see our beautiful country…I’m living proof.

Follow Ellen Amy
Facebook: EllenAmyMusic
Instagram: Ellen_Amy


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