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WEDNESDAY WRITE-UP: #28 Phil & Alana – Radtimes

We’d like to introduce you to our favourite North Queensland Adventure Seekers, Phil & Alana who enjoy creating ‘Rad times’ in their life. They are living proof that it’s not always necessary to pack up your life, set off on a ‘big lap’ to truly experience Australia. This cool couple mix ‘Work with Play’ and seem to ‘Play a lot at Work’ which could make you green with envy! 

When they are not working on the road, they start every day watching the sunrise from various Cairns locations and spend most weekends scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, lounging in hammocks under coconut trees or hiking through rainforests to chase waterfalls in Tropical North Queensland. 
The best part is Phil and Alana want other #AdventureSeekers to have the opportunity to experience their life too, so they started their project ‘Radtimes Together’ to share their trips and experiences in famous North QLD destinations.

Our Winch and Unwind Tip: If you ever move to Cairns, hook up with their Group (link below) or if you’re heading to Cape York and have days to kill in Cairns, go along on one of their adventures. You won’t regret it!

 Enjoy Phil and Alana’s story.

Names: Phil and Alana
City you live in? Cairns, QLD.
Describe yourselves in 5 words. Fun Facilitators. Rad. Adventure. Say YES!
What do you do for Work?
We have two businesses based in Cairns – video and content production business called PhlipVids and a NEW social media company called Epic Times Social Media Marketing.
We also have a little side project that is based around fun, and that’s called #radtimestogether which brings people together for all different kinds of adventures around Tropical North QLD.

Why do you enjoy living in Tropical North Queensland?

Because it is the perfect balance of adventure, nature and it’s just so relaxed. With the Great Barrier Reef in our back yard, the Daintree rainforest a short drive away and a never-ending list of waterfalls to explore – it’s absolutely incredible, and everyone is Cairns is happy! It’s the coolest vibe.

Describe a typical weekend?
We can’t describe a ‘typical weekend’ because they don’t exist to us, haha! It can be anything and everything! Diving, kayaking, hiking, road trips, island hopping, finding ‘off the beaten track’ waterfalls, camping etc. Our weekends lately have involved working in our new office space (which we love), but we always manage to start our day with seeing a sunrise from somewhere amazing.

Do you prefer Sunrise or Sunset and Why?
We ALWAYS see the sunrise. It starts your day with a completely positive feeling, and it gets you excited for things to come.
Advice for a First Time Adventure Seeker visiting the Cairns region?
DO IT ALL! Write a list and make it happen! And follow #radtimes together to meet new adventure seekers and have a radtime with a rad bunch of people!

If you only had one more day to live, how would you spend it in your home town?
Helicopter flight to a sand cay, then go diving, back to wash the saltwater off by sitting under a waterfall, followed by a fire on the beach drinking far too much wine and sleeping in the hammock under a palm tree.
Tell us about a memorable destination you’ve experienced?
All of them. They all have memories, and whether they are good or different, we have enjoyed and learnt from all of the places we have been lucky enough to visit.
Destinations on your bucket list? 
The Kimberly and we are heading there in 2018! We wouldn’t say no to a trip to the Maldives / Bahamas 😉 

Favorite piece of technology to pack for your adventures?
Can we have three fav pieces? A GoPro, Camera and Drone – got to capture those memories!

Describe your ideal campsite.
Sleeping next to a freshwater flowing creek! (where you can bath before bed)

Next big adventure in 2018?
It’s going to a be a full on year! So much planned. New Zealand, WA, road trips, the Kimberly, swimming with the whale sharks, and we just found out that fishing in PNG might be on the cards….What is life but one grand adventure!

Tell us about your Group Rad Times.
Radtimes is all about bringing people together to have a radtime!
We organise an adventure, offer our radtimers a discount and make a video of the day! I remember moving to a new town and not knowing anyone, and all I wanted to do was go on rad experiences with some new faces. We had organised a group of friends to go paddle boarding in 2016 and over a coffee we were chatting about it. The exact words were’ I just want everyone to have a rad time.’ Phil’s eye lit up, and he said ‘radtimes’ like an excited kid at Christmas. We set up a website, and Facebook page and we have a get together once a month with different people. It really has been amazing seeing so many friendships formed since we started. We have plenty more radtimes planned for 2018, and we are so excited to meet more adventure loving peps.

How can people get involved?
There is a community page where we share all of our photos and videos. Facebook Page: Radtimestogether
And a group page so people can be notified when the next adventure is. Radtimes Facebook Group
Anything else you would like to tell us? 
We always look to Winch and Unwind for travel inspiration. Thanks for all of the handy travel tips, drool-worthy photos, epic videos and consistently making the most of every day.

*Note from Winch and Unwind – Thanks Phil and Alana, we love your lifestyle too! You make us miss our hometown, Cairns but we can’t wait to get home one day and join you on one of your rad adventures! – Tammy & John


Connect with Phil & Alana

Philpvids: @phlipvids
Radtimes Together: @radtimestogether
Epic Times Social Media Marketing: @epictimes_social
Facebook: All link to Page above

Philpvids – Here
Epic Times Marketing – Here
Radtimes Together – Here

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  1. Thanks for sharing our story guys, we love following yours and can’t wait to share an adventure with you one of these days soon! Phil – PhlipVids

    1. Cheers Phil. We’ve admired your work and your adventures with Alana for a long time and so it’s great to hear your story too! Thanks for sharing with us. Tammy and John

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