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WEDNESDAY WRITE-UP: Matt & Lucy Eaton #27

“We have been freelance travel writers for a couple of 4WD Magazines for 3 years now, and its a great passion of ours to make sure we find places that are so amazing, we just have to tell everyone about them! It has turned into our second job, and we love it – one dream would be to trip around Australia, writing stories for the magazines and living on the road for a year or two – that would be epic, and it will happen!”

Until they make it their full-time travel job, our featured Adventure Seekers, Lucy and Matt are happy to get out-out of the city and explore Australia one destination at a time. Enjoy their story!

Matt & Lucy Eaton

Where are you from? Matt is from Zimbabwe and Lucy is Australian – Living on the Bayside of Brisbane
Describe yourselves in 5 words. Total adventure and camping enthusiasts
Name one product you wouldn’t leave home without. My Camera
Favourite dish to cook on the road? Thai Chicken Curry and Rice

What are you up to right now?
Currently planning our yearly Christmas trip to the Clarence Gorge for a week of bass fishing from the Kayaks. Next trip will be Moreton Island again in March. Long-term planning is a 4 week trip to Cape York in 2019.

What is your current off-road vehicle, including your set-up?
We have a Nissan Navara D22 decked out with a rooftop tent – the only way to camp!

Who inspired you into this ‘adventurous’ lifestyle?
We have both grown up with Fishing and Camping all our lives.

Most memorable track you’ve experienced?
Wouldn’t really call it a track as such, but nothing beats 75-mile beach on Fraser! But on the other hand, we made the trek out to Carnarvon Gorge for a long weekend (22hr round trip!) that place had so much history, it was a wonderful place to stay for 3 nights.

What destinations and tracks are still on your bucket list?
Cape York – has been planned on paper for 4 years now, and working towards actually getting there in August 2019. Sometimes life just gets in the way of planning, but we’ve locked it in, now the prepping can begin.

Tell us one of the most memorable moments you’ve had during your travels so far?
Watching Sunrise and Sunset at Sandy Cape on Fraser Island – can’t get any better than that!

The most bizarre experience you’ve encountered on your travels?
We forgot our camp oven when we went to Straddie one time, took a Lamb Roast…. when it came time to cook dinner we ended up grabbing two green branches from a tree, skewered them through the meat and cooked the lamb over hot coals turning ever so often – the best Roast Lamb we’ve EVER had!

Describe your ideal campsite.
We particularly love beach camping, so anywhere we can get our feet into the sand, and somewhere we can either watch, sunrise or sunset from camp!

Biggest mechanical fail and were you able to fix it?
“Touch Wood” – We’ve actually never had a mechanical failure, we have ripped our side awning off on trees a handful of times though and had to ratchet strap it to the roof rack!

Any advice for new 4WD enthusiasts?
Just get started… stop dreaming about it, everyone has started somewhere and through trial and error, you will eventually get to the perfect set up that works for you and you will be able to set up and pack down with no fuss.

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