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WEDNESDAY WRITE-UP: #40 Brett Ashlin

We’re on a Western Australia roll and proud to be featuring Brett Ashlin, a true blue Aussie adventurer from Perth with a killer YouTube page and a loyal Instagram following! If you’re a hardcore off-road enthusiasts and spend 5mins scrolling through his Instagram feed, chances are you’ll be frothing over the shots of his Rigs or concocting a plan to get in on one of his competitions or next trips. The good news is, soon Brett will be launching his Tag-A-Long Tours, and we bet they are going to be a hit! Enjoy Brett’s story! 

Tell us what you are DOING right now?
Currently living the dream up north making money to fund my adventures, the next trip… a few small overnighters and then hopefully the Vic High Country in the snow!. Whether I’m at work, home or in the bush, I will always find a way to make/have an adventure

What is your current OFF-ROAD VEHICLE including your SET-UP?
2008 Toyota Landcruiser 76 series GXL, just converted to an Oztent Rv5 it’s amazing!. My draws in the wagon are also set up so I can sleep in there.

Describe YOURSELF in 5 words
Adventurous, MacGyver, Australian(those who have met me will understand this), Explorer, Obsessive 

WHO inspired you into this ‘ADVENTUROUS’ lifestyle?
From a very young age, my family has been 4wding and camping!. But I also went off the adventurous lifestyle when I was around 18/19 and got myself into sporty cars (Wrx/Skylines). When I finally had enough of getting in trouble with those, I found myself behind the wheel of my very first 4wd a 1989 Gq Patrol and the addiction started!.

Most MEMORABLE track you’ve experienced?
The most memorable track would have to be the long bumpy track to the top of the Calcup dunes in Yeagarup in the south west of WA. A track that starts in the Karri forest and ends up at the top of the biggest sand dune I have ever seen overlooking the ocean and hills around ticks all my boxes.

What DESTINATIONS and TRACKS are still on your BUCKET LIST? 
Vic High country is my number one priority to get to in the snow, I couldn’t think of anything better than freezing my butt off trying to get warm in one of the many huts the high country has to offer.

One of the most MEMORABLE MOMENTS you’ve had during your TRAVELS?
Definitely the D’Entrecasteaux National Park! It is truly an amazing part of WA most memorable moments would have to be our yearly Easter trips there! The only one time of year all of our friends get together on a camping trip for five days.

The most BIZARRE experience you’ve ENCOUNTERED on your travels?
Getting into Brunswick in the southwest of WA to find a campsite for young fellas sleeping on the ground outside of there swags, must have had a huge night.

Describe your IDEAL campsite. 
Bush, river and a fire in winter I honestly don’t think you can beat it!

BIGGEST mechanical fail and were you able to fix it? 
To be honest, I’m pretty good with maintenance, the only significant failures I’ve had have been a wheel bearing but was able to sort that out on the tracks with the spares I had. 

One PRODUCT you wouldn’t leave home without. 
DJI Mavic Pro!

Favourite DISH to cook on the road? 
Cant beat a Bbq! But if you want to get a little fancy then a nice Butter Chicken.

Advice for NEW 4WD enthusiasts? 
Buy what car you want! Half the time others opinions aren’t valid, and neither is the internet!
Toyota/Nissan/Suzuki/Jeep whatever car you decide to buy or already have, be happy with it, do it up how YOU want it and make your own adventures, always let your tyres down and respect our tracks for others and future use.

Extra NEWS?
Follow my Adventures on Instagram Facebook and Youtube and keep an eye out for the tag-a-long-tours I will be starting early this year! I hope to see some of you on the tracks in 2018!

Connect with Brett
Instagram: @Australian_Offroad_Adventures
Facebook: @Australian_Offroad_Adventures
Youtube: @Australian_Offroad_Adventures

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