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Who are we?

In a snapshot, we’re an adventure seeking couple from Cairns with a lust for life and a love of travel – our desire to discover places new and old will underpin our journey across this great country of ours. We dare you to come along for the ride as we share our experiences, learn something about ourselves that we didn’t already know, and traverse many a dirt and dusty track to tick off our bucket list of destinations.


What’s John and Tammy’s story?

In March 2016, after 19 years in the Navy as a Clearance Diver, John retired with a dream in mind and a readiness to embark on the next exciting chapter of his life. From a kid growing up in rural Victoria, John’s life was always destined to be one of adventure. He learnt to shoot at 8 and by 12 had found his real passion underwater when he tried out scuba diving during a family holiday in Vanuatu. Back on land he has also mastered the skill of four-wheel driving and bush survival skills that have taken him extensively into and across the landscapes and terrains of Australia’s East Coast, hinterlands and outback.

A new adventure was ahead for John – not be a solo endeavor, but one he took on with his partner, professional athlete liaison, former professional stunt woman, actor, breakfast radio host and all-round dynamo, Tammy Barker.

Tammy was ripe and ready for her next adventure and believed she was up for the task of matching John with the same gutsy, ‘can-do’ attitude.

At the end of May 2016, John started his trip heading West while Tammy finished delivering the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival. On June 24, she flew to meet him in Alice Springs and began to see Australia in the couple’s ‘can traverse anything’, Nissan Patrol complete with roof top tent.

2 months into their trip, John and Tammy received the shocking news that Johns father suddenly passed away. They flew from Broome, WA to be with his family in Queensland during these early days. It was decided that they would need to alter their trip and base themselves back at Tin Can Bay in-between their travels to assist with family needs.

Valuable lessons are learnt through tragedy and John and Tammy made a pact to each other to make the most of each day they share. Their dream to travel Australia is still alive and on course however full with a larger appreciation for life!

In Our Own Words…What Makes us Tick?

We’re a couple of like-minded individuals with our own set of strengths and weaknesses that when combined, form a pretty crack team.

While we both have a natural leadership ability, we know it will be teamwork that gets us from a to b unscathed. There is no ‘I’ in team. Along the way we will no doubt test our resolve, resilience and ability to curiosity to see just what Australia in her bare bummed glory has in store. We are more than ready to challenge ourselves and break from the conventions and routines that have defined and structured our lives for two decades and more.

We would love to take you with us and share in our new and exciting chapter that is Winch & Unwind. Yes, we will traverse by four-wheel drive across this wide brown land of ours, but how we go about it will be quite different. Don’t expect the ‘norm’ because we are anything but.

While adrenalin and adventure is part of our DNA, we respect the ebbs and the flows and the need for downtime. It is not until the dust is allowed to settle that you can really see how far you have come and where you are heading. As the well-worn cliché goes, you need time to smell the roses (or in our case, spinifex).

Yes, extremes can be exciting but restraint can be equally rewarding when you take time to look, listen and see. This is when you really discover what life has in store. It is the highs and the lows, the give and the take, the ups and the downs. Winch & Wind – this is what life is really about!

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