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The Most Remote Game Of AFL In Australia – Kiwirrkurra, WA

Back in July 2016 luck was on our side while travelling through Kiwirrakurra, WA the most remote Aboriginal Community in Australia. We pulled in to have lunch and restock before starting our Chugga Kurri mission and was told by the local store manager that the Indigenous AFL Carnival was taking place this weekend and the first game kicked off in one hour. Since five out of the six of us are mad AFL supporters (me, Mrs Unwind is a Rugby League Fan all the way!) of course we couldn’t miss this opportunity to watch the local lads play. What an experience it was! Tough as nails and some very talented footy players amongst them! There wasn’t a patch of green manicured grass for them to land on after a mark, just the red unforgiving desert dirt. Some of the players weren’t even wearing boots. But they all looked so happy and like they were having a great time.

The local community came out to show their full support that day and went wild when their team won that first game. We thoroughly enjoyed the two hours spent being involved, cheering as we watched on the sidelines while eating our pies from the local community shop. This was one of those ‘spontaneous’ travel moments you just can’t plan for but soak up and appreciate. One of the many memorable moments of our Outback adventure!


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