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Lake Mackay, WA

Why ‘Winch and Unwind’?

Why ‘Winch and Unwind’? Within months of deciding, we would pack up our lives in Cairns and set off on our big lap exploring Australia we began discussing the idea of creating a blog to document and share our trip with family and close friends and the name, Winch and Unwind was perfect for us! We started the blog as we knew we didn’t want to be constantly uploading photos on our personal social media accounts and annoying our friends (we all have that friend right?!) so the most professional way forward was a shared media space we could align our travel experiences through.

Since I was ten, I’ve kept a journal for every year of my life and have been an avid letter writer throughout all my travels, so it made sense to capture our trip through this platform. I love to talk (Vlogs coming) and have been ‘GoPro’ girl on many of our previous trips. John does all the driving (barely lets me behind the wheel much to my dismay) and thrives in hectic conditions. The more challenging the tracks are, the happier he is. On top of his driving skills, he has a great eye for detail, the patience for video editing and has enjoyed capturing aerial shots of our travels with his drones.

In the months leading up to our departure, our creative brainstorming sessions always came on a Thursday night. We cranked the music at home, consumed bottles of wine, maps were spread all over the table, and we began planning our trip and this blog. It is honest to say that we didn’t always agree on the same ideas, but we would always come to an happy (often thanks to the booze) conclusion and had a lot of fun getting there!

Anyone who knows us both well understands just how much we love to travel and go on adventures. Not just as a couple but also as individuals. I can tell when John has been idle in the one spot for too long, he gets a little ‘cooped up’ and needs to get out and explore.

Winch and Unwind is a mixture of John and I. The ‘Winch’ reflects our four-wheel driving adventures and exploring along remote tracks and our constant need to seek new experiences and thrills. We also love to play, get loose, chill out and relax in stunning destinations. We understand it’s important to ‘stop and smell the roses, dirt, wildflowers, salt air’. That is our ‘Unwind’.



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A special thank you to the following key friends who have assisted us with our Branding and Website.
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