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How To Crap In The Bush

How to Crap in the Bush

Do you want to know what pisses us off? Seeing used toilet paper littering the bush in Australia. We’ve travelled extensively, and the flimsy, white paper is everywhere! People need to learn the etiquette of how to crap in the bush!

Last yr we had three weeks travelling through Cape York & was shocked at the amount of bog roll strewn across the land. There it was, on creek beds, beaches, in the dense bush – no site was sacred. And on our recent trip travelling through the Kimberley, we found the perfect campsite on the banks of the Keep River, but perfection soon disappeared as the previous campers had left a slightly covered poo AND their brown stained toilet paper laying right there on top. It’s annoying, disappointing and unfortunately too common to roll-up to a remote campsite and find that the campers before you have left it looking like ‘shit!’ It’s a damn shame that people are this disrespectful and grotty while travelling Australia. Hence we posted a rant on Facebook about ‘How to Crap in the Bush’ and decided to elaborate on our blog in the hope that a lesson could be learnt for those who need reminding.

“I’ll be honest, I’m not the best when it comes to doing a ‘number two’ anywhere other than in the comfort and privacy of my toilet at home. I once went seven days without going to the toilet after a group of my family and friends hired a houseboat for a holiday, and we only had one toilet on the boat. ‘Backed up’ was an understatement!”

“I have no issues at all keeping regular! I will shit anywhere and at any time of the day. Simple.”

Before we get into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our preferred simple bush toilet technique, it must be said that there are plenty of portable toilets on the market to purchase if you’re camping extensively, aren’t travelling in a caravan and fear squatting in the bush. For those that prefer the luxury of sitting on a seat, the following companies have useful products to purchase.

BCF AustraliaLink Here
AnnacondaLink Here
Coleman AustraliaLink Here

Handy Tips
Most importantly, don’t leave home without a shovel or spade. Very useful on all levels.

  1. Find a spot well away from the campsite area.
  2. Dig a hole no less than 30cm deep.
  3. Park your backside over the hole and do your business.
  4. Put toilet paper in a bag to burn on your campfire or throw in the bin.
  5. Or, leave the toilet paper in the hole.
  6. Cover the hole completely so;
    No one steps on your turd
    Flies don’t hang around, and other creatures don’t dig it up.
  7. Other travellers don’t need to see what you ate the previous day!

We’re sick of travelling our great country to find inconsiderate people disrespecting it. We won’t assume it’s only travellers who are the culprits as many of the road and truck stops are littered by the truck drivers or locals leaving their mess. If dogs crap in parks, the owners have a duty to pick it up and so should you when it comes to your mess. It’s time people stop being lazy and clean up after themselves. As the old saying goes, please keep Australia beautiful!

*Prior to publishing this BLOG post we discussed this topic with friends who encouraged us to upload and share. They told us to look up this funny movie by Jim McNabb about the very same topic. He is quite funny, hence we are including it in this post. Enjoy!

NOTE – The image attached was taken from our campsite along the Tanami Highway. An example of the mess that people leave behind. Yes, we did clean this toilet paper up.

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